"Your book is a game changer. You show how a company can win more contracts by linking the program delivery process to the proposal preparation process. Everyone engaged in responding to solicitations should read your book. Your approach offers the potential for a company to generally uplift its market position"

Russell Smith, President OCI

Are you doing everything you need to guarantee you will win your rebid?

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Sample of the rebid guideThe Rebid Guide

Download the Contents page, Introduction and three of the 60 Ideas from the Rebid Guide to sample what you will get when you buy the whole Guide.

The Rebid Guide will give you the latest best practice in how to retain your contracts.  Based on two decades of practice and research in what works (and what can go wrong) the Rebid Guide is the most comprehensive book dedicated to helping you win your rebid, and improve your rebid win rates.

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How much investment is winning your rebid worth?

The Rebid Guide is the ‘how to’ guide to winning your rebid. Its’ 60 Ideas cover all aspects of how an incumbent can do everything to win their rebid. Starting from when you first win the contract, the ideas cover;

  • How to manage and deliver your contract to put you in the best position with your customer,
  • All the preparation tools and techniques you need to make sure you are ready for the rebid
  • All the approaches and reviews you need to deliver the rebid making the most of your incumbency and avoiding the pitfalls many incumbents can fall into.

Every one of the 60 ideas can be put in place separately to improve your chances of rebid success. Or you can group them together for an even bigger impact. They are designed to add to and fit with your existing management systems and bid processes so you can quickly and easily put them into action in your company.

Operators will find a set of practical ideas to improve customer relationships, deliver what the customer really wants, improve contract performance from day one and put the contract in the best possible position to approach the rebid with the customer on your side

Rebid teams, Sales and Capture specialists will find a range of ideas, techniques and approaches unique to rebids which you won’t find just by following established processes for new bids. They will guide you through your rebid preparation programme so you go into the rebid fully prepared and ahead of the competition.

Bidders will find Ideas to help you make the most of your incumbency in your proposal while avoiding the mistakes many incumbents make which can cost you the rebid win.

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