Lessons for incumbents from lost rebidsLessons for incumbents from lost rebids

We review protests from 13 lost rebids and the lessons incumbents anywhere can apply in preparing for their rebid. Download the free paper here

This is just a sample of the information, tools, techniques, processes and advice in the rebid centre. All designed to help you win your rebids.
Below are a few examples of the information only available in the rebid centre. We are constantly adding more.

Creating a recapture planCreating a recapture plan

Powerpoint presentation on how to create a Recapture Plan in preparation for your rebid. Access the presentation

Implementing a recapture planImplementing a recapture plan

This paper expands on our article on Recapture Plans and gives step by step guidance on why you should have a Recapture Plan, how to put one in place and what to focus on in your plan. Access the paper

Recapture plan project workbookRecapture plan project workbook

This excel workbook contains worksheets to collate and update information in the areas to focus on in your Recapture Plan. Adapt it to manage your own Recapture Plan. Access the workbook

LPTA bids: Survival tips for incumbentsLPTA bids: Survival tips for incumbents

Actions to take when your customer wants to base your rebid on the lowest price solution only. We give you tips and actions to survive and win your rebid. Access the paper

Keeping focused on changeKeeping focused on change

How to keep your focus on changes to the customer's needs throughout your rebid preparations and in your rebid submission. Access the paper

Rebid readiness checklistRebid readiness checklist

A one page checklist for your rebid preparations. Check which actions you have taken and which you still need to do. Access the checklist

Starting your rebid preparations earlyStarting your rebid preparations early

Getting an early start to your preparations is one of the most important things you can do. But how early and what preparations to do? This takes you through when and what to do

Proactively managing contract extensionsProactively managing contract extensions

If you can get extensions to your contract you normally should. But how do you plan for this and how do you use the extension to prepare for the eventual rebid?

Getting the right rebid team in placeGetting the right rebid team in place

What does the right team comprise of We take you through the ideal and the strengths team members from operations sales

Preparing the contract team for rebidPreparing the contract team for rebid

Rebids can be tough on contract teams. Making sure you prepare them for the taks ahead will be worth it as the rebid progresses.

Preparing and implementing a rebid strategyPreparing and implementing a rebid strategy

What should go into your rebid strategy? We go through the key items and stages

Conducting a contract reviewConducting a contract review

You need to understand your position as you begin preparing for your rebid. This review process takes you through all the areas you should cover to ensure you are in the strongest position for your rebid

Rebid preparation workshopRebid preparation workshop

Kick off your rebid preparations with a joint contract and rebid team workshop. This gives you everything you need: contents, sections, tables to complete, timings

Reinvigorating your customer relationshipsReinvigorating your customer relationships

Use the rebid team to build a new set of relationships with your customer stakeholders to gain information, communicate ideas and build preference for your solution

Understanding stakeholder views of your contractUnderstanding stakeholder views of your contract

Review what your key stakeholders really think of your contract, company and performance as you go into your rebid preparations: while you still have time to react

Understanding the customer’s next contractUnderstanding the customer’s next contract

The next contract won’t be the same as the existing one. Here we set out the potential changes, what to look for and how to address them.

Analysing your contract’s vulnerabilityAnalysing your contract’s vulnerability

You’ve reviewed your contract, understood what your customer really thinks of you and the changes they are looking for. How vulnerable is your contract and what do you need to do to strengthen your position?

Who will be involved in your customer’s procurement?Who will be involved in your customer’s procurement?

We help you understand the potential stakeholders who will influence the rebid decision

Resolving issues on your contractResolving issues on your contract

As you prepare for the rebid you still have time to resolve any outstanding problems on your contract. We show you why you should be making the effort

Pricing to win your rebidPricing to win your rebid

There are a lot of pricing pitfalls incumbents can fall into. We point out the main ones and what to do to avoid them.

Creating a Greenfield solutionCreating a Greenfield solution

How do you avoid the problem customers see of incumbents’ solutions being ‘business as usual’? Our step by step approach helps you start your new solution from scratch

Understanding your competitorsUnderstanding your competitors

Never underestimate the competition. We take you through some of the key areas to look for

Creating your new solutionCreating your new solution

It might seem early to be creating your new solution before the bid is out. But now is the best time to start

Influencing your customerInfluencing your customer

You are in the ideal position to influence your customer’s rebid procurement. Here is how to to put yourself in the best position possible

Last minute contract preparationsLast minute contract preparations

Adapting your contract now will give you an advantage in the rebid. We show you why