The Rebid Survey coverRebid Survey results

We surveyed procurement professionals on their views and experiences of incumbents’ performance at the rebid. Our respondents, from the UK, USA Australia and elsewhere didn’t hold back. You can download the summary results free here .

Insourcing coverInsourcing

Why do customers take contracts back in house? We've reviewed five surveys and summarised the answers, as well as what incumbents can do to prevent their customer terminating the contract early or taking it back rather than rebid. You can download the free paper here.

This is just a sample of the information, tools, techniques, processes and advice in the rebid centre. All designed to help you win your rebids.

Below and on other pages on the site are a few examples of the information only available in the rebid centre. We are constantly adding more.

Rebid Survey resultsRebid Survey results

The full analysis and recommendations from our rebid survey results. Access the analysis

Impact of rebids on growthImpact of rebids on growth

Full paper on how to calculate the impact of rebids on your growth plans and how to plan ahead. Access the paper

Impact of rebids on growth exampleImpact of rebids on growth example

Spreadsheet accompanying our paper. Contains a worked example and worksheets and formulae you can use in your own business. Access the spreadsheet

The contract lifecycleThe contract lifecycle

What is your contract lifecycle? What should you be doing and when during the contract? Our contract lifecycle shows you what, when and how to make the most of your contract wherever you are in the lifecycle. Access the paper

Creating a contract planCreating a contract plan

Do you have a plan for your contract? You should. We show you why and how. Access the instructions