article - rebid proposal checklistRebid Proposal Checklist

This document contains a checklist of six things we look for first in an incumbent’s rebid proposal, together with why they can damage your chances of success if not included. Download the free document here

articles on rebiddingMaking the most of transition in your rebid

Transition should be a strength for incumbents. Less risk, faster, lower cost than the competition. But too many incumbents fail to answer transition questions effectively. We show you how to make the most of your advantages. Download the free paper here

This is just a sample of the information, tools, techniques, processes and advice in the rebid centre. All designed to help you win your rebids.
Below are a few examples of the information only available in the rebid centre. We are constantly adding more.

Approach the rebid as if it is a new bidApproach the rebid as if it is a new bid

Incumbents are often accused by customers of not being proactive in their rebid approach. We list out the warning signs which could indicate you are falling into the trap that leads incumbents to lose their rebid. Access the paper

Review the details of the published requirementsReview the details of the published requirements

Make sure you are following the exact requirements set out by the customer. Too many incumbent’s think they know what the customer really wants. And lose.  Access the paper

Don’t assume the customer knows youDon’t assume the customer knows you

Another trap many incumbents fall into. We help you avoid it. Access the paper 

Using the information you have gatheredUsing the information you have gathered

You’ve collected all the information about the contract, the customer and what they want. We go through how to set out your information to be able to make the most of it in your rebid. Access the paper

Write from the customer’s perspectiveWrite from the customer’s perspective

Standard advice for any bidder. But as the incumbent you should be able to do this better than your challengers. We help you make sure you do so.

Being future orientedBeing future oriented

How can you use your past performance to the best effect without just talking about the past? We give you some help.

Admit mistakesAdmit mistakes

How to retain your credibility in your rebid and turn any contract issues to your advantage and against your competitors

Discriminators, differentiators, benefits and win themesDiscriminators, differentiators, benefits and win themes

We define each of these and show you how to use them to the best advantage as the incumbent

Becoming the benchmark bidBecoming the benchmark bid

Make your rebid document the one the customer turns to first, and keeps coming back to check whether your competitor’s have made a mistake

Price to fit the specification, not what you knowPrice to fit the specification, not what you know

Knowing too much can lead to overpricing your rebid. We point out the warning signs and how to avoid losing to the competition when you shouldn’t

Alternative bidsAlternative bids

As the incumbent you know a lot about the customer and the contract. We point out how to make the most of this without becoming non compliant.

Using risk effectively in your rebidUsing risk effectively in your rebid

As the incumbent you should be the lowest risk choice for your customer. But making the point effectively but subtly is important. We show you how.


Staff can be your greatest strength, but they can also be your greatest threat to winning. We go through how to make them a strength not a weakness.

Asking questions effectivelyAsking questions effectively

Effective use of questions during the rebid can focus the customer and ensure the competition don’t win by mistake. We go through how to make the best use of questions during the bid phase.

Transition planningTransition planning

Make sure you make the most of all the advantages you have as the incumbent in transitioning to the new contract solution

Celebrating your successCelebrating your success

Once you’ve won the rebid, celebrate. It will have a positive effect on your other rebids