run_your_contractContract communication to help with your rebid

How and what you communicate to your customer during the contract could make a big difference to your rebid. We give you some ideas to help. Download the free paper here

This is just a sample of the information, tools, techniques, processes and advice in the rebid centre. All designed to help you win your rebids.
Below are a few examples of the information only available in the rebid centre. We are constantly adding more.

Capturing information on why you won the contractCapturing information on why you won the contract

Why did you really win? How can you make the most of this knowledge to help win your rebid? Access the paper

Delivering strategic benefits to your customerDelivering strategic benefits to your customer

7 steps to deliver real strategic benefits to your customer and transform the relationship they have with you. Access the paper

Build a partnering relationship with your customerBuild a partnering relationship with your customer

Our paper gives you the information you need to build a better relationship with your customer and reap the benefits. Access the paper

Leveraging quality accreditationsLeveraging quality accreditations

If you have quality accreditations such as ISO on your contract, we look at how to leverage the work you do to keep then up to date to help with actions to win your rebid. Access the paper

Promises registerPromises register

What did your bid promise you would deliver? Make the most of collating this information right at the start of the contract. Access the paper

Capturing and recording previous performanceCapturing and recording previous performance

Knowing how the contract performed before you took over gives you a benchmark to build on – and use at the rebid. Capturing information early is essential, we show you why and how

Setting up a rebid fileSetting up a rebid file

Collecting the information you will need at the rebid from the start of the contract can pay real dividends. We show you what information you need and how to make the most of it

Day one impact measuresDay one impact measures

Start the contract as you mean to go on. We show you how to plan and indicate your intentions from the first day of your new contract

Target Operating Model ReviewTarget Operating Model Review

Make sure you have put in place everything you have promised in your bid. Our step by step process helps you be sure you can move on from contract implementation with confidence

Helping the customer manage riskHelping the customer manage risk

Working together with the customer to manage and reduce their risks as well as you own helps you build trust and closer relationships. We show you how.
We show you how.

Aligning to the customerAligning to the customer

Get closer to your customer by aligning with their processes, approaches and aims. What and how to embed yourself with your customer.

Performance measurementPerformance measurement

Take control of what you measure and how. When you get to the rebid this information will show just how important you have made yourself to the customer

Measuring things that make a differenceMeasuring things that make a difference

Are you measuring the things which show you are making a real difference to your customer at a strategic level. Our step by step guidance will help you measure the things your customer really cares about.

Balancing consistent measures with new measuresBalancing consistent measures with new measures

To be able to make the most of your performance on the contract at rebid you need to manage the information you capture. Our guidance helps you keep tabs on the most important information

Benchmarking your performanceBenchmarking your performance

Don’t just measure your performance and improvement against the past. Find other sources of information to test and measure yourself against.

Measuring end user satisfactionMeasuring end user satisfaction

Knowing what your end users think of your delivery helps you focus improvement as well as report relevant information to your customer during the contract and at the rebid

Added Value, Continuous Improvement and InnovationAdded Value, Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Define and focus on what each of these mean in practice, and how to focus your efforts and investment on the areas which will return the greatest dividends

Adding Value to the customerAdding Value to the customer

Understand the different types of added value and how you can maximise the value of what you deliver

Delivering continuous improvementDelivering continuous improvement

Make the most of the improvements you make over the contract period. Where to focus for the most positive impact for the customer


Change the level of performance and delivery on the contract through keeping an open mind about the potential to innovate

Conduct a mid term reviewConduct a mid term review

Make sure you are on track as customer needs change through the period of your contract

Publish an annual reviewPublish an annual review

Make sure the customer has the information you want them to notice in a format senior customer contacts are likely to read.

Knowing and using contract change routesKnowing and using contract change routes

As you make changes on the contract you need to be sure they are being noted and accepted. Use or put in place with your customer the processes you need

Building customer relationships and trustBuilding customer relationships and trust

Don’t restrict your relationships to your direct customer contacts. Build the right relationships now to make the most of your rebid

Keeping your contract up to dateKeeping your contract up to date

Make sure you react to changes over the period of the contract