As well as creating and running the Rebid Centre, we also deliver direct training and consultancy to help businesses put the advice, techniques and tools we provide within the Rebid Guide and Rebid Centre into practice, either by helping out with specific rebids, reviewing rebids, running workshops or helping businesses put in place comprehensive change programmes to improve their rebid retention rates.

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We can also help businesses create their own bespoke Rebid Centre’s. These can be repositories of rebid knowledge and processes adapted for a specific business and dual branded for the company, or  helping set up specialist rebid departments focusing on educating managers in rebidding and preparing for and running rebids across the business.

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Some of the services we provide are:

Helping you improve retention rates

Improving your rebid retention rates across your business underpins your business growth. And the return on investment from improving your retention rate is usually easier and provides a higher return on investment than an equivalent improvement in new business wins. We will help you put in place the processes and tools to win more of your rebids.

Lost rebid reviews

Losing a rebid is always painful, and often unexpected. Getting an objective view of what went wrong can be difficult. Was it just the price or the scoring of the bid – or were there other lessons you need to know to make sure it doesn’t happen again? We will help you understand the real reasons why you lost – and help you put in place the lessons learnt to help you win your next rebids.

Rebid Workshops

Helping your operations and bid teams understand the challenges rebids entail can be an important start to improving your rebid retention rates – or to winning a specific rebid. We run rebid workshops to improve your team’s understanding of rebids, to kick start a rebid project or as part of a wider programme to improve your rebid win rate across your business

Must win rebid support

All your rebids are important – but some are more important to your business than others. Making sure you’re properly prepared and have the best processes in place, as well as the best strategy to win will make a huge difference in your chances of success. We know what it takes to win rebids – and how to avoid the mistakes incumbents can make when approaching and running their rebids. By working with us we will put you in the best possible position to win your rebid. We will support you through the whole process, planning for the rebid, managing the rebid and writing your rebid proposal. We will mentor your rebid team, review your plans and rebid documents and if you need us to we can lead the rebid for you.

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