The Recompete Guide

"Your book is a game changer. You show how a company can win more contracts by linking the program delivery process to the proposal preparation process. Everyone engaged in responding to solicitations should read your book. Your approach offers the potential for a company to generally uplift its market position"

Russell Smith, President OCI

The Recompete Guide, now available on Amazon, is the most comprehensive book available on how to win your recompete. It contains:

  • ┬áBest practice processes to help incumbents during the contract stage put in place all the tools, processes and techniques to deliver improvement, customer satisfaction and delivery of promises that enhance customer relationships
  • How to put in place a comprehensive recompete preparation effort
  • All the techniques you need as the incumbent when writing and managing your recompete submission - the techniques you will miss if you just follow the rules and processes used for bidding new opportunities

The Recompete Guide contains the same 60 ideas as the Rebid Guide, but has been revised for incumbents in the USA, and is available as a hard copy rather than a download.

recompete_guideThe Recompete Guide

Link directly to The Recompete Guide page on here and 'look inside' to read the contents, introduction and first few pages of the Guide.